Registered and Records Office

A registered office is the place where the corporate registry sends the annual returns. Do not confuse this with the corporate tax return, which only contains financial information. If the corporation fails to file its annual return for two consecutive years, the corporation will be struck from the corporate registry. The costs to revive a company are almost the same as the costs to incorporate a new company.

Also, if a corporation is ever sued, the corporation is serviced with the court action documents by having the court documents delivered to the registered office. Moreover, the registered office is the place where directors of a corporation may send their notices of resignation. This becomes important because, if the corporation suffers financial difficulties, the directors may face personal liability.

A records office holds incorporation documents and lists of the registers of the directors and shareholders of the corporation. It is a good idea to have your records office as your Accountant’s or Lawyer’s office, so that the professionals can certify information about the corporate records of the corporation. Banks often require certified corporate records.

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